Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Welcome Baby Benjamin!

We Are Officially a Family of 5!

Benjamin David McDaniels

Date of Birth
March 13, 2017

Time of Birth:

Weight & Height
7 lbs 12 oz  20 1/4 inches Long

Benjamin, you are oh so perfect in every way! You are everything we asked for ! We love you. Welcome son. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

"F My Life" 38 weeks with Baby Number 3!

3 F's in my life
Feeling: Fat, Fatigued and Fiesty.

Nope not carrying triplets, nor twins... theres just one in there. I do tend to get a big belly with pregnancy but it's usually accompanied with a larger body too! Well, don't get me wrong, thees plenty of cottage cheeseyness on my thighs to go around but ... I'm not as big body wise as I was with the other two.

Yesterday we had our 3rd ultrasound to measure baby since with gestational diabetes babies tend to get big... well to our surprise, baby is measuring in at 7.5 lbs! So what the heck?! Maybe a lot of amniotic fluid again? I don't know, but my belly feels so heavy and causes me so much hip, back and lower body pain. It's hard for me to go from sitting to standing.

In just a few days I will be 39 weeks and my doctor might induce than. Fingers crossed, I am ready to get this boy out!

In other news, We bought and installed baby boy's carseat!
It's tight in our little Nissan Sentra, but it'll do for now.
It's feeling more and more real that he'll be here in just days!
My hospital bag is packed and loaded. Just need to pack the boys' bag for staying at grandma's house for a couple of days and we're good.

Also been selling a lot on different apps to try and save and buy this beautiful and functional diaper bag

Isn't she lovely?! ha I want this so bad! And with three littles, the backpack style is perfect!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Meet Coco McD

Welcome the newest member of our family! Little miss Coco!
She is a Queensland Healer, and we got her just a week ago at 8 weeks old.
This little ball of fuzz has been such a fun addition to all the new changes around here! We are all enjoying her little sass butt trotting through our new house.

Trust me, I've heard it from plenty of our family saying how crazy we are to be adding more poop to our cleaning list... hahaha but one thing we knew we wanted when we had a house was a dog.

My best friend's mom was selling her pups and I asked Suzie about one. She said that for me it would be free and we couldn't pass her up!

So my train of thought with getting Coco just weeks before my due date is, getting the boys used to having a dog around and trying to potty train her all before the baby gets here. I can't see myself being home alone, trying to train and have a newborn at the same time along with two toddlers. So far it's been going good. She has accidents but is learning to pee on the puppy pads during the night or she'll cry for us to take her out. So we're close to getting her potty trained. The boys are a bit rough with her. Not in the sense that they're mean but they love her so so much they want to squeeze her and kiss her hard. And well, she's tiny and fragile still so it'll take a little bit of time to get them to be more and more gentle. I'm also showing them that with small living things you have to be soft and kind so hopefully they know to be more gentle with the baby.

Queensland Healers are a great fun family dog to have around. The thing that sold me on having this type of breed is that they are very protective dogs. Being in a new city, far from people I know or things I know, I wanted a dog that would look out for our family while being here alone. They are very energetic dogs and are known as the Australian Cattle Dog, they are a herding animal. We used to have an energetic dog, Cosby, and we loved him to death! We are an active family so for us that kept us entertained.  We weren't able to keep Cosby because our than landlord wouldn't allow for us to get the apartment with a pet so he stayed with my father in law. But now having a yard and kids that love to play, I don't see Coco being bored or too crazy for us. (fingers crossed)

 Learning how to go up and down steps. She cries while trying to hop up a step.

That's Coco! Our Family has grown before our 3rd baby's even arrived and it's been fun!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

37 weeks Baby Number 3

We are almost to the finish line!
This pregnancy is so stressful and difficult I'm glad it's almost over.
I can't wait to meet my little baby boy!
So since I do have gestational diabetes this time around, I have been monitoring my blood glucose levels four times a day and eating healthier meals.
It was looking good for a bit there but I did get the call today that I will be put on medication and will have to check into the hospital 2x a week for NST testing. A bit stressful if you ask me because we were crazy enough to move so late in this pregnancy and now I have to find a babysitter for 2 days out of the week and drive 2 hours each time. I know , wah wah me, I do complain a lot lately, but I can't help it, this is difficult.

At the same time I feel like an ungrateful idiot because I know what it's like to miscarry and want a baby so so bad and now here I am complaining. I don't understand. I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone by being so honest on here. I just need encouragement to get through these last few days.

Baby boy ,

I promise I'm not annoyed with you, I love you so much already, I just really want you in my arms and not in my ribs or stepping on my bladder all day. ;)
I love you and I'm so proud of us and how far we have come. I already know how perfectly you'll fit into our family and into the boy club with your two older brothers. Both Noah and Levi talk to you daily and kiss you. Noah keeps telling you to come out already! He's so excited to have you here. And your daddy loves you and loves feeling you move. See you are just so perfectly fitting into our little tribe. We love you !

Friday, February 24, 2017

Flirty Maternity Pictures

Oh man! Here it goes! So as always, I had it in my head that this time I would professionally get my maternity pictures taken and it was going to have a certain look and I was so excited.... and than life happened. We moved, we spent a lot of money on the move, we've been busy and so on. So I asked my sweet willing husband if he would mind taking some fun maternity pictures of me to remember this pregnancy. He did such a great job! We were literally giggling the whole time and had fun! I haven't been brave enough to post these anywhere else, maybe I'll post on instagram in the future but for now I'll just keep them on here.

Take note, mom, dad, brother... if you don't want to see me in a bra and shorts, look away. ;)

The lighting wasn't great but I still love the soft feel of these photos. Thanks baby! oh and we have some silly ones too..

According to David, this is what I always look like. (eye roll emoji)

Baby number 3, we love you so so so much and can't wait to meet you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! What a sweet day! Literally! It's 9 pm and my kids are still on a sugar high from the treats I had for them earlier in the day! We had a good "Loving Day" as Noah likes to call it, here at home. I had our living room slightly decorated for them, we ate breakfast and afterwards I gave them a little candy gram =) Than I had to at least attempt to have a mini Valentines Day photoshoot with my boys and let's just say .... well, we got a few good shots! Oh and I cut their hair today , figured, might as well have them look nice while we're taking some cute pictures! ;)

I love this picture of the two of them! Since moving into our new place, these two have grown so close to one another! It's a brotherly bond and I absolutely love it! Noah is so nurturing to him! I can't wait for our third to be here and be a part of this bear club they've got going on!

And than there are these photos. Let's just say we got a taste of Expectation VS Reality haha

This was David and I yesterday. We got some alone time (doesn't happen much), I had a prenatal apt and we spent time together afterwards being out and about and talking without any interruptions! It was such a good little date and I loved it! 


Today, he really surprised me by coming home with a big red gift bag full of treats for me! He had a dozen beautiful roses, chocolates, a big Card, a beautiful butter dish that I'm in love with and Bibs for our new baby boy! He bought something for our boy! He really went all out for me and I cried, I was so happy.
We plan on spending more alone time tomorrow while our kids go to grandma's house and we go to another appointment. I can't wait !

oh and for our V-Day dinner, we got drive-thru Wendy's. haha . Hashtag parents of two toddlers life.

Took a giant belly selfie, 35 weeks tomorrow and feeling done. So done. It's large and in charge.

Some super duper exciting News! My Favorite cousin is now engaged! Oh my gosh our family is so freakin' excited for the two of you! We cannot wait for what's to come!

It was a great day! 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Packing & Moving

Ok so we'll start out with the cute pic of me going to church with the boys. This move happened super quick and almost out of no where. Obviously we had been on the hunt for a a few months but when we got the call saying we were accepted as new tenants for our new place, we had less than one week to move into our new place and we had to be out of our apartment by the first of February!

We had been at our apartment for almost exactly 3 years on valentine's day! So much has happened since living there. We were so blessed to have been there, paying rent that was affordable and being close to our family. A little piece of me will miss this apartment.

So with so little time, I tried to pack most things while David was at work, which was super hard being so pregnant and trying to keep the littles entertained while doing so. David would than come home and pack his side of things or things I couldn't reach. =)
He actually ended up working a side job both Saturday and Sunday, just two days before we moved , so I had to buckle down and pack up our place.( Hence the Church picture above without David)  It's insane how much stuff we actually had and could fit in that small 900 sq ft place.

On Monday, David woke up super early, picked up a rental moving truck and he and his two pretty awesome friends loaded absolutely everything into the truck and drove two hours to get to the new place, unloaded it and drove 2 hours + back! We are blessed to have had their help! Don't worry, I didn't lift any boxes or anything.

My amazing Mother in Law was sweet enough to take both boys early morning so that they would be out of the way while loading and cleaning our stuff.

Boys. David and his two friends and our boys.

So this is at our new place.

I than picked up the boys from their grandma's house and they said their goodbyes and we took off to our new place.
Not going to lie, I panicked when I arrived. Everything was everywhere.. many things in the wrong rooms and all I could think about was that I would be alone until late night when David would come back home. I needed to think of how to get the kids ready for bed with their things everywhere and in different places, and to make something for us to eat.

I ended up letting them play outside, crying a couple times because guys, I'm so emotional now and feel like the world is always caving in on
but seriously, I was pretty frazzled. I "manned up" and made soup with our cooler food because there wouldn't be a fridge for over a week and we had our nice dinner together. After eating, I pulled that twin mattress in the picture below into the empty nursery, plugged in the little tv and let them watch their show until we all fell asleep together. And David came home around that time as well.

It was a pretty weird and stressful first week, but we got through it. And we got through it without a fridge, washer and dryer! I'm definitely not going to make it seem like it was easy because it really wasn't. It was a weird lonely feeling knowing my husband is far away at work, I'm in a new city by myself with my two toddlers and growing belly and growing aches and pains but I'm blessed with my best friend messaging me almost daily to check in and my mom and dad and mom in law as well. It's feeling more like home and I like it. =)

A huge thank you to Joseph and Jose for helping us for hours to move our stuff and being so kind! And A big thank you to their wives for letting them do so! I know it took time out of them being home for dinner but we truly appreciate all the help!

And thank you to David's mom for watching the boys and loving them so hard that they have nothing but amazing things to say about being with you and their auntie and grandpa as well!

We've had wonderful guests visit since our move and that makes me feel so at home and in peace! Thank you Linda, Danny, Mom and Rudy, David's mom, Daddy and Estela for taking time out of your day or days to drive over and be with us! We love you all!

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